Hi! I am Jessi, 

a german student bitten by the famous travel bug, equipped with camera and quill, always looking for new adventures around the globe. On my blog you will not only find tips, experiences and thoughts on traveling, but also a lot more - just have a look!

Actually, I come from the surroundings of beautiful Cologne in Germany, but during the last seven years I have never lived in one place for longer than a year.

Since I went to school in French Brittany for a couple of months in 2009, the wanderlust has seized me and just cannot let go. Since then, I've been a travel guide in South England, an au pair on the Côte d'Azur, studying in Mainz, Dijon and Québec. In 2014, I grabbed my brother and my backpack and traveled across Canada, fell in love with New York and had my mind already full of new travel destinations.

After an internship in the French Alsace, I was drawn a little further away - and so I set out on a new adventure, where I would like to take you with: Costa Rica!

After returning to Germany to start my international master programme in Frankfurt-Oder near Berlin, I backpacked the awesome Balkan with my friend and studied in Sofia, Bulgaria. You'll soon find also all the great adventures from this part of the continent here, but for now, I just moved to beautiful Paris and still can't believe it. ♥︎

No matter where I go, what I carry always with me in my backpack is my camera and a small notebook that I like to scribble with my quill pen. After all, photography and writing are my biggest passions besides travelling, and that's the simple reason why this blog is called lens & feather.

So this blog is for all the globetrotters out there, for the little and big adventurers - and of course, those who want to become one.


In this sense, Pura Vida !


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